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Reacting to TikTok Financial Gurus Advice financial gurus

This video is about looking at TikTok entrepreneurs and influencers who post about personal finance. I look over their advice and see what they offer.

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Video Outline:

Ive posted content on building wealth
Mostly aimed for the younger generation

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How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners 2021

Should you BUY or LEASE your next car Guide 101

And there are many great financial you tubers here on the platform that help teach you
They have posted hundreds of video going in depth on various aspects
All of them are accredited investors/ entrepreneurs
However then game has flipped
More than ever quality content explaining everything in depth is being bullied by Dogecoin thumbnails/clicjbait
But even worse another platform is taking over the financial niche


The basic white girl dance app is now being raided by fellow Wallstreetbets apes
The algorithms on tiktok allow people to blow up overnight reaching astronomical amounts of fame overnight
But these middle schooler who are blowing are smart, they are blowing up for a reason
And many of them have bought their first car with their success … even tho they don’t have a license
They all promise to teach you how to become rich in a 60 second video or less
However I want to be open minded and see what these fellow creators have in store
I will be reacting to some tiktok content creators in the personal finance niche and seeing what its all about
I will be finding these gems through hashtags
Starting with #invest
I understand that they need to do this to get the clicks
People have an attention span the same as a squirrel
They need to grab your attention within seconds and hook you
Plus the platform is intrinsically for short shallow clips
Gary Vee goes in depth on how TikTok has exploded and it was coming
I also understand how building yourself from nothing to a millionaire takes YEARS of dedication and hard work
Even long style platforms like here on Youtube it can be hard to convey
Not only in your financial life but also here on social media it can be discouraging to continue
But it will eventually burn out if you give out the same content with new wrapping paper
However if this does engage more people to think about personal finance Im all for it
More on tiktok, I am starting to see a trend
There is no context and the sad reality is the ones that do provide in details don’t get picked up by the algorithms
I have had the same experience here on Youtube.
Ill put hours into these longer video going in depth on the topic, however my most viewed video is me reviewing a wsb options trade
I think I will start a tiktok myself
And get on the wave to a million dollars and a million followers
But its the way of the world
Social media can seem to be fake, I hate when creators push clickbaity titles however I don’t think its all that bad if the content is ACTUALLY insightful
Especially if it encourages people who are having difficulties with their personal finance to restructure and rethink their decisions
I am about to go blind from burning my eyes if I ever go

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However I have figured out the algorithms
1. You must carry around enough cash to buy a car at any min
2. You must show how you travel the world with the hottest babes
3. Promise to bring other with up for the low cost of $998 for their course
4. Repeat and scale this

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Im sorry but I have to say it Youtube is better than tiktok
But the structure of YouTube long video content creators are Able to articulate and go into great detail to explain how to limit your taxes on your crypto gains

Tiktok you have to be quick to the point, be eye catching and promise wants that many people have… again for the low cost of $998
The demographics are also targeting the younger generations where it is much more appetizing to see some guys new Lamborghini than some new political policy that will change interest rates

#TikTok #FinancialGurus #FakeFinancialGurus .

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Reacting to TikTok Financial Gurus Advice

Reacting to TikTok Financial Gurus Advice

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#Reacting #TikTok #Financial #Gurus #Advice
Reacting to TikTok Financial Gurus Advice
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Company Breakdown 13/09/2021 - 6:46 PM

Hope you guys enjoyed!

redxpen 13/09/2021 - 6:46 PM

Oh i thought you were going to apologize for going to tiktok.
Side note: check out their new terms of service. 100% guaranteed access to your phone's mic and camera for any reason at all

Joseph Dickson 13/09/2021 - 6:46 PM

Who has piles of cash lying around on tables in 2021? Sus. 🙄

Daddy Sharky 13/09/2021 - 6:46 PM

Dying of laughter 😂 love ur content ur gonna be a star plz remember me much love 💜

Nuffy Nuffy 13/09/2021 - 6:46 PM

You should edit this video so it gives no information and wastes everyone's time and upload it to tik tok a see how many idiots like it.

As always good video bro.


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